Friday, July 10, 2020


Tameka Marshall has always had a passion for seeing the world transformed. She believes that our words hold power and chooses to use her words to uplift others. Through her love of public speaking, media, and making connections with others, she has found that one voice truly can change the world. With a desire to see people entertained, encouraged, and empowered, Tameka Marshall utilizes various media avenues to reach the world around her.

     Tameka’s determination and natural drive have served her well as she continues to strive to accomplish her goals. From earning her college degree to developing continually in all areas of her life, Tameka sees a goal reaches it.

    Her skills, in conjunction with her vibrant personality and her passion for music and the arts, allowed Tameka to successfully enter the media industry in 2011 with her hit show entitled the ‘Tameka Marshall Radio Show.” Specifically geared towards providing a single platform for the integration of all genres of gospel music.

However, her radio show was only the beginning.  She has had the privilege to travel throughout the United States to conduct interviews, and attend various award shows. Each experience has deepened her love for media and visual storytelling. With a bold determination to live a life, she is passionate about her relentless trust in God, and the support of her family, Tameka believes we can change our world one uplifting word at a time.

Tameka has fallen in love with empowerment and self-love. She is currently a motivational speaker, moderator, and curator. Her love for change and inspiration has propelled her to Organize her first TEDx event in Queens, New York. Being a black immigrant woman, it is a proud moment in her life to add positive value to her community.

Tameka plans to continue to see “the glass half full” and believe one kind or act word can inspire change.

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