Monday, October 14, 2019

About Me

Poised in elegance and dripping in charisma with an aura of authenticity, Tameka Marshall is the epitome of a modern age ‘virtuous woman’. She’s a leader, visionary, daughter, sister, friend, mother and ultimately a woman of God. As Tameka maneuvers the world of media and entertainment, there is no doubt that she is fully equipped to touch the lives of all her viewers and listeners. As she embarks upon her new project entitled “Tam Talks” which debuts on YouTube in Spring, 2019, one can ultimately predict that success will manifestly and undoubtedly be achieved.

Tameka’s rhapsodic passion for the things of God initially propelled her into dance ministry where she was able to bless the hearts of many for over fifteen years and eventually taught the craft for another eight years. She soon discovered that she had the power to dispense the gospel not only through her rhythmic movements but through her voice; one which is remarkably soothing to the ear and quite difficult to forget.

As a child growing up, Tameka had a penchant for privately acting out various TV-personality roles that required her to interview her parents and friends. Through prayer and classes, Tameka acquired the skills needed to master the art of public speaking. Her skills, in conjunction with her vibrant personality and her passion for music and the arts, allowed Tameka to successfully enter the media industry in 2011 with her hit show entitled the ‘Tameka Marshall Radio Show.” Specifically geared towards providing a single platform for the integration of all genres of gospel music, the show was ultimately credited by Mark Xclusive as being “new school media”. The dynamics of the ‘Tameka Marshall Show’ was a reflection of her personality and honorarium to God. The show exuded a kaleidoscope of colors and upbeat soundtracks with a distinct New York Caribbean flare. Taped and aired in New York, this internet-syndicated weekend program also featured a diverse amount of guest interviews with Ministers of the Gospel and celebrities from television, film, music, and sports.

Notably, Tameka’s career was catapulted by her decision to listen to her husband Dale Marshall, who encouraged her to relentlessly pursue her dreams. Being a creative genius himself, he operated in the capacity of her manager and the show’s producer and designer.

Seven years later, with a renewed vision and purpose, Tameka is now taking the show to another level via an alternative entertainment medium, i.e. YouTube. Through this visual platform, the ‘Tam Talk’ will portray a hodgepodge of cultures, music, storytelling, artists, poets, actors, musicians, sports, fashion, love and ultimately life in general; in a manner like no other. With the motto ‘We Believe’ at the forefront of their network channel, the couple will also endeavor to share this platform with undiscovered gems since they truly believe that no dream is too small.  

In the words of this phenomenal woman: “Over the past few years, God has opened doors for us to travel the United States for interviews, shows, awards etc. It has been an amazing journey. We are now going full force for our intended dream. We began in a basement and it was difficult but I kept focus on the vision. My vision and focus have kept us on the path for success and I am grateful that you have decided to be a part of our journey.”

Tameka Marshall grew up in New Amsterdam, Guyana, South America and currently lives in New York with her husband and their handsome son. It is her ultimate goal to give back to underprivileged communities through the establishment of various partnerships with other companies and business entities who harbor the same vision. Needless to say, she truly believes that “obstacles are not meant to stop us. They are meant to keep us humble.”


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